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Blogging with Effy | Day 8’s Nudge – What I do To Foster Love? What My Version of “Flinging Glitter in the Trenches”

During this week of Blogging Along with Effy, there have been several posts that have toucheglitter-2500318_1920d on the subject of isolation.  Those along with conversations with friends has led me to this next belief.  People are lonely and long for connections.  While social media is great for connecting, there seems to be a yearning to have more person to person connections.  I think women in particular long for this, but it can get pushed down further on our priority lists.

I experienced this while raising my children and us moms were just all too busy to go over to each other’s house.  We were always on the go and we never really sat down, relaxed and enjoyed each other’s company.

I talked about this with my mom who is now 93 and she tells stories of days gone past where her and her friends would chat across the fence.  Homes were open houses.  Just “come on in” was a what friends heard when they knocked on the door for a cup of coffee.  Now days, neighbors don’t even know their next door neighbors.  Isolation!

I was sad about this situation.  How could I change it. I longed for at least a smidgen of the way my mom had it.  As my children grew, I longed for this type of community feeling for them and myself since we live in a large metropolitan area.  About that time, adult color books started becoming very popular.  I thought I would start a group of some of my friends and their daughters wherein once a month on Sunday afternoons, we would all gather at my house and we would sit around the dining room table and color.  It was amazing!  Not only did we color, we all talked about what was going on in our lives, and we laughed – oh did we laugh.  There was an instant connection and an energy that was palpable..  No one was in a rush to leave.  We sat together for about 4 hours.

I have to smile when I think about women in past decades, even centuries.  They had it going on. When they gathered together for their quilting bees, not only did they achieve their goal of making quilts but they also had that special bonding of community.  They were a part of something that formed face to face connections.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my virtual communities as much as the next person.  However, in our massive global world with all of it’s partisan and contentious quarreling causing dissension everywhere we turn, wouldn’t it be nice to have a group of people (no matter how small) who gather together in person on a regular basis and share in a common activity.  For us it was a hit and in my own way, I think it’s how I foster love and how I fling glitter in the trenches.



11 thoughts on “Blogging with Effy | Day 8’s Nudge – What I do To Foster Love? What My Version of “Flinging Glitter in the Trenches””

  1. *rushes off to research how to set up a knit and natter group in Newmarket UK next year (when I have more time earmarked)* following some serious inspiration and longing for an older simpler time*. Thinks: “I got nostalgia issues over a time I wasn’t alive*. *Cries* cause I was born too late (I’ve always had dreadful aim)


  2. What a wonderful idea– a coloring group! You’re right, quilting bee’s and sewing circles were the way for women to connect in the past. I love your solution for connecting today. Thank you!


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